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The Eagle has finally landed! Phi 9 is officially live.


Its been a while since we started working on the Phi 9 project and today I think we are mostly done with, from what started as a draft on small piece of paper. The reason why Phi 9 came into existence is pretty eccentric. There are a lot of hosts out there so why one more? The answer is ‘exclusivity’ and ‘sustainability’. If you look out for a genuine host that specializes in small scale web hosting, you would likely be disappointed because they basically all do the same thing — overselling! Only a handful of them provide what customers exactly need and when. Corporatism is adept but only to some extent. Rest is all the same hype unfortunately!  Most of the hosts benefit from open source and free tools such as the stuff that runs on GNU/Linux but how many of them actually contribute back to the community and how much? It just, is a small example of blatant corporatism that continues to outbid the industry.

That’s one of the main reasons why we started out. Specialization is the key for customer satisfaction and that’s what we strive for! From start to end, we have worked hard on bringing the ‘premium’ products to our perspective customers. Our responsibility doesn’t simply end there but we feel that we have a better job to do in the community. We call it our ‘phenomenon’ and that’s where our logo and name comes :-P! It’s just a matter of choice to go with a provider that hypes the world with overly excessive marketing or the one that specializes in customer satisfaction and is promising in contributing back to an environment that makes the world a better place!

The look and feel of our site basically tells the same thing. Simplistic and puristic at it’s best.

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Written by Phi 9 World

March 10th, 2012 at 12:31 pm