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Cloud Hosting


Cloud Hosting at Phi 9

Phi 9 is proud to announce the transition of all of our servers to a Cloud Hosting enviornment. Cloud hosting is a groundbreaking emerging technology that allow many machines to act as one unified system. While in the past, web hosting was limited to just one machine, cloud hosting allows a load to be evenly shared among many. In the unlikely even that one machine in a cloud cluster is to fail, the other machines will seamlessly shift the load without any down time. Another advantage of Cloud Hosting is that additional resources, RAM or hard drive space, can be added to a Cloud cluster allowing it to grow as customers’ websites grow.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting include:

  • Maximum website performance by spreading server load over multiple machines
  • Guaranteed resource allocation (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth)
  • Servers immune to failure
  • Scalable website resources
  • More features at a better price

With this new technology, combined with our Phenomenal Support™, it is a better time than ever to trust your web hosting to Phi 9.

Phi 9 offers a combination of tiered hosting packages along with customizable hosting solutions. From small personal sites to large entreprises, we have a hosting package to suit your needs. Cloud Virtualization allows any website, big or small, to have dedicated resources and to only pay for the resources that they need.

To learn more about Cloud Hosting, please contact one of our Customer Service Account Representatives by clicking here.

Written by Michael

April 1st, 2013 at 1:41 pm

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