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Install WordPress in just 5 clicks!


WordPress started as a blogging engine but has rapidly evolved more than that, over out the years. It is now one of the easiest and quickest content management system. Every fifth or so website on the internet uses WordPress — and it doesn’t stop there! It keeps growing every day with thousands of addons and tons of¬†functionality.

At Phi 9, you can actually install and deploy as many WordPress instances as you want, with just a few clicks each.

Just follow these steps.

1. Login to your Windows control panel, go to your website under Websites menu and click on it. Once there, all you need to do is to enable ‘write’ permissions.

2. Then go to Microsoft Web App Gallery within the control panel, select Blog from category drop down menu on top of the page and then go to page 3. Then click install for application “WordPress” as shown in the below screenshot.

3. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

4. Now you’ll have to setup WordPress installation. Simply select the site, leave application name to blank, choose ‘create a new MySQL5 database’ and then input the database name and database user name. These must be unique so always try different names. Then select a password and click next.

5. Now, you’ll see a screen like below. Just click on ‘Launch Worpdress’ link to proceed.

6. Give WordPress your desired information and click ‘Install Worpdress’ button.

7. Success, now login!!

8. Now is the time to make your WordPress up-to-date. Simply click on ‘Update WordPress’ link on the top to proceed.


9.¬†Congratulations. That was pretty easy? Isn’t it? Welcome to The Web Hosting Phenomenon!