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How to configure and publish apps from Visual Studio with Web Deploy on Phi 9?


Whether you just discovered the Web Deploy or if you an experienced developer wanting to publish your application directly to your website without fuss of manual uploads, you likely need to have access to your Web Publishing profile. It’s easier, if you want to deploy from WebMatrix – because all you need to do is to download the profile from your Phi 9 Windows control panel and import it in WebMatrix or Visual Studio Pro. However if you are using Visual Studio Express or Visual Web Developer, you’ll have to input the settings manually because Visual Studio doesn’t support importing of your publish profiles.

Just follow the following steps.

1. Login to your Phi 9 Windows control panel

2. Go to ‘Web > Websites’ under your default hosting space (your plan name).

3. Click on your desired website name.

4. Click on ‘Web Publishing’ tab

5. Choose, enter your username, password and click on ‘Enable’.

6. Click on ‘Download Publishing Profile’ link.

7. Open up the downloaded profile in any text editor or in Notepad.

8. Open up Visual Studio, the version you have. Go to Build > Publish. Choose Publish Method as Web Deploy.
Copy the value of ‘publishUrl’ from the file you just opened in text editor and paste ‘Service URL’ in Visual Studio.  Do the same for ‘msdeploySite’ and paste it into ‘Site/application’ field of Visual Studio publish settings.
Check ‘Allow untrustred certificate’ checkbox. Enter your username and password. And that’s it. You can now publish your app through Visual Studio.


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Written by Phi 9 World

June 14th, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Publishing through Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer


WebDeploy has made a lot of things easier in development and configuration. But if you are using either Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer, you’ll notice unlike WebMatrix it doesn’t support importing publishSettings directly — which means you have to input the setting manually before you publish any applications. When you are inputting the publish URL, this is where things get tricky. Instead of using default URL from publishSettings file, you have to input a FULL service URL into Visual Studio / Visual Web Developer or else you’ll get an error like “ERROR 1: Invalid Web Deploy Service URL”.

The full service URL should be:

Written by Phi 9 World

May 16th, 2012 at 3:30 am